Water Partnership Program

The Water Partnership Program (WPP) is a multi-donor trust fund established in 2009 supported by the governments of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom,  Denmark and Austria. The WPP enables the World Bank to bring innovation and leverage investment in water, to drive change in global policy dialogue and to strengthen the results of its projects. The WPP works at the nexus of water with food, energy, environment, and human development needs to help countries achieve climate-resilient and inclusive green growth.  WPP activities are supporting and influencing about $11.5 billion in Bank financing while support to water supply and sanitation lending benefits the lives of roughly 52 million people in 26 countries, 17 million of which are in Africa.


WPP Annual Report 2012: "Sharing Smart Solutions in Water"

The Water Partnership Program (WPP) report, Sharing Smart Solutions in Water summarizes the achievements and impact of WPP’s Phase I (2009 – 2012). The report showcases the Program’s results across six regions, as well as its global impact on knowledge and innovation. It also demonstrates how the WPP has strengthened the quality of World Bank projects and shaped policy dialogue in areas calling for immediate action, such as climate change, energy and food security, and urban water management. The WPP continues to be a critical tool for supporting World Bank efforts to reduce poverty, thanks to the continuous support of the governments of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. Acknowledging the impact of the WPP, the donors have committed to a larger and bolder Phase II for the next four years.  
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WPP Phase 1 Progress and Achievements (2009-2012)


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