WPP - Meet the team

“WPP has become an important tool for funding analytical work in water and influence lending. My role is to provide strategic direction to the program to ensure that it responds effectively to the new global water challenges. We have put together a great team and a robust program management framework. My job is to keep the team happy so that we continue to build on progress made ”
Diego Rodriguez, Program Manager
“I am the WPP Coordinator, which means that it is my job to make sure that everything is coordinated! I work closely with operational teams and the rest of the WPP team to ensure that WPP runs smoothly and effectively. I will be happy to answer any question you may have on WPP applications, implementation, reporting, finances, processes, procedures, and the best ski destinations in the world! 
Matthijs Schuring
, Program Coordinator
“As the Senior Financial Manager of WPP, I work closely with operational teams, budget staff and the WPP team to ensure smooth cash flow for activities and timely attention to all financial issues. I oversee general portfolio management, staff costs, eligible expenses and reporting. I am happy to answer any questions about WPP implementation, finances, budget, processes and reports”.
Peggy Johnston
, Senior Financial Resources Manager


“My role is to communicate WPP’s progress and value to relevant stakeholders and make sure that the program gets recognized among internal and external audiences. Yes, you guessed right, I am the communications focal point for the WPP, and I also work closely with my team on knowledge dissemination activities.”
Nansia Constantinou
, Program Officer (Communications)
“My role is to ensure that the lessons learned and results from WPP-funded activities are well documented and to assist TTLs in developing proposals that add value to the Bank's strategic, analytical, and operational work.”
Mandy McMahon
, Program Officer