Restoring Livelihoods in Conflict Areas

Sri Lanka’s 30-year war between the Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam devastated nearly two-thirds of the population of its Northern and Eastern provinces. Most aspects of life suffered—people were displaced, institutions disintegrated, and essential irrigation schemes were damaged. People could no longer access markets as they once had and the transport of goods virtually came to a halt. Once-industrious communities that had produced lush harvests of rice, vegetables, fruits, and other crash crops lost their comfortable lifestyles and became impoverished.

The IDA-financed Second Northeast Irrigated Agriculture Project launched in 2004 with the objective of helping conflict-affected communities in the Northern and Eastern provinces and adjoining areas to restore their livelihoods, enhance agricultural production, increase incomes, and build capacity for sustainable social and economic integration. The project was restructured in 2007 and named The Reawakening Project to adopt a community-driven development approach. Communities were then given the responsibility to plan, design, and implement small-scale infrastructure and livelihood activities.

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