Attributes of Well-Performing Water Utilities


This 90 minute face-to-face module presents some of the external and internal factors associated with good performance of water utilities, as well as practical tools for assessing their functioning, and past and future reform paths. The intended format is a seminar which incorporates both a lecture and question and answer period.


The module addresses the training needs of mid to senior level staff of both public and privately managed water utilities, regional and central government, as well as their advisors, who are engaged in working towards improving the performance of water utilities. NGO, advocacy groups and donor representatives may also find it useful. Participants should have prior knowledge of the water sector.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the critical dimensions of a well run water utility
  • Understand the role of external environment in shaping utility reform
  • Explore some of the mapping tools that can be used to asses the functioning of a utility, and analyze past and future reform paths.

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