GW-MATE Publications

Groundwater Management and Protection progress through World Bank operations and beyond during 2000-10

The brochure presents 10 years of GW-MATE experience and achievements, from its inception in 2000 through September 2010. GW-MATE has assisted the World Bank regional divisions, and their national clients, to facilitate and focus investments in groundwater management and protection, not only for water resource projects, but also in urban water-supply, irrigation infrastructure operations, and groundwater storage for climate change adaptation strategies. The brochure summarizes the publications that encapsulate and distill GW-MATE experience for the benefit of those working to improve groundwater management – in all its aspects – worldwide.

Strategic Overviews: The Strategic Overview Series was launched in 2009 to provide policy guidance on groundwater management at the regional and global level. The series will be of special interest to decision makers tasked with incorporating groundwater management considerations into: overall water resource governance provisions, urban water infrastructure planning, irrigated agricultural development policy and water-supply provision in general. These in-depth papers synthesize GW-MATE experience on key aspects of groundwater policy formulation and draw empirical evidence from GW-MATE’s support for projects and analytical work over the last 10 years. Case Studies and References are highlighted in each paper.

Briefing Notes: The Briefing Notes Series on Groundwater Management was launched in 2002 to provide reader-friendly information on groundwater management and protection, and has been expanded based on needs and demands. It gives a concise introduction to groundwater, with each note answering the 'most frequently-asked questions' about different facets of the subject, especially in a developing nation context.

Case Profiles: The Case Profiles Collection focuses on key management issues that countries, regions or groundwater systems are faced with and are in the process of addressing. The Collection has evolved over the past years and is intended to make available knowledge acquired and lessons learned by GW-MATE experience around the world. This collection now spans cases of groundwater management experience from Argentina and China to Kenya and Thailand.