A Matter of Life: Investing in Sanitation

Apr 19, 2013
Washington, DC USA

Date:                 April 19, 2013
Time:                2 p.m. 
Location:        Washington, DC
Organizers:    World Bank and United Nations
In 2007, readers of the British Medical Journal were asked to vote for the biggest medical milestone of the last two hundred years: they chose SANITATION. Modern sanitation has added twenty years to average human life. Good sanitation is also economically sensible. In 2012, the WHO estimated that the global return on sanitation spending is US$5.5 for every US $1.0 invested. Where good sanitation exists people are wealthier, healthier and cleaner. And, lack of access to improved sanitation costs countries up to7% of their GDP.

Yet, sanitation remains one of the most off track Millennium Development Goal, with 2.5 billion people still lacking access, causing thousands of child deaths every day. With basic health and human dignity of several billion poor people at stake, something has to be done, and not tomorrow, but today. This panel brings key global decision makers to address the central challenge of the global economics and politics of sanitation – What will it take?
The event will be available to watch via live streaming -- http://live.worldbank.org/.

Rachel Kyte, Vice President for Sustainable Development, World Bank
Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General, United Nations
Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF
Jim McHale, Senior Vice President, American Standard